Personalizing SSDs for Applications

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About IoT Flash, Inc.

To provide high-quality service, maintain competitive advantage, and retain customers, data centers need to run customers’ applications fast without downtime. One solution is to build an All-Flash datacenter with tens of millions of dollars of investment in SSDs. The complexity of SSD performance behavior and design, however, makes it difficult to derive maximum performance from SSDs and accurately predict their failure.

IoT Flash’s SSD Flow software addresses this challenge. It deeply analyzes a given SSD’s I/O performance and sources of performance degradation. We evaluate SSDs beyond advertised specifications, looking deeply into things such as thermal throttling, workload scalability of the SSD controller design, and NAND flash memory quality. Using the knowledge gained by our SSD Flow software, we can help you optimize your SSDs’ performance to run applications fast and to better predict SSD failure to reduce downtime.