We are looking for top level, experienced C/C++ programmers, Java/Javascript programmers and Linux/Windows kernel developers. Please send your resume to


Senior Java Developers


  • 5+ years of experience in Java software development
  • 2+ years of solid experience in Java Swing based GUI development
  • Rich experience in full life cycle of software development
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent coding and debugging skills
  • Expertise in various design and development tools and frameworks
  • BS and MS in computer science from top schools
  • Green card or US citizenship


System Administrator and DevOps Engineer


  • BS in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering from a top school
  • 5+ years professional experience in system and networking administration
  • Solid skills in Linux and Windows OS installation, configuration, upgrade, backup, and recovery
  • Solid skills in Linux scripting, Perl, or Python
  • Expertise in networking configuration and firewall setup
  • Expertise in Samba, NFS, and volume configuration
  • Solid skills in server assembling and hardware troubleshooting
  • Green card or US citizenship


  • Experience with Linux virtual machine configuration
  • Experience with big data cluster configuration, including Hadoop, etc.
  • Expertise in drive device drivers